Lake Taylor’s Jordan Kelly, in a league of her own

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY)- Most young girls who play softball get their start in baseball before making the transition to softball.
But not Jordan Kelly. “I tried softball once and it wasn’t the same as baseball and I didn’t like it. I just like the competitive nature and how fast the game of baseball is. I fell in love with the game,” says Kelly.

Kelly starts at second base. She hits 2nd in the lineup and pitches in relief at Lake Taylor high school. Titans head coach Steven Gray insists Kelly made the team on merit alone. “She came to tryout and played in our JV program so I already knew what she was all about. She come out as a varsity 11th grader and won the job. She won a position on this team by how hard she worked, her own merit and her skill set,” says Gray.

Jordan Kelly got her first taste of varsity pitching last season when she came in and pitched a scoreless inning in relief against Norcom high school. She feels the stares and hears what other players are saying about her and she uses that as motivation. ‘The first time pitching in high school, I could hear people talking and laughing. I get up and I believe it was a first pitch strike,” says Kelly.

It is the same way when she is at the plate. “The guys pitching are like, I’m go strike this girl out. But if they just throw me a straight fast ball, I’m going to hit it. I’m not one of those girls who is just going to wave at the ball,” said Kelly.

Kelly shares the diamond with her younger brother Josh and as a senior, leads by example, regardless of her gender. “I was a freshman once and its good to have fun, but when you step onto that field you have to become competitive and not slack off,” added Kelly.

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