Bethel High School student passes away

Future Trak (4pm Saturday)

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) – Grief counselors were on hand at Bethel High School Wednesday to talk with students and staff about the recent death of a student.

Carolyn Bowers with Hampton City Public Schools told Sophomore Arnise Scott passed away Tuesday.

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WAVY News 10’s Erin Kelly spoke to Scott’s mother Wednesday. Eldrie Scott called Arnise the light of her life.

“She was a straight-A student. She was an honor roll student. She loved soccer. She loved her school. She loved her teachers. She talked about all of her teachers,” Mrs. Scott said.

Scott said her daughter was playing in a soccer game a couple weeks ago when she was kicked in the head during a play and her head hit a goal post. Scott said she made a doctor appointment and was told Arnise had a mild concussion. Doctors performed several tests and were watching her closely.

This past Sunday, Scott said Arnise was feeling well.

“Sunday morning, we went to church. She drove there. She drove back. We had communion. She was doing good,” Scott said. “Before we went to sleep, we would always say, ‘I love you’ to each other because I told her you never know when God is going to call you home, so let the last words out of her mouth be, ‘I love you.’ And we did that.”

But later that night, Arnise woke up screaming in pain. She went to Riverside Regional Medical Center where she died Tuesday. A doctor told the family Arnise suffered an aneurysm, but an autopsy will determine the exact cause of death.

Pastor Arthur Rogers said Arnise was a beautiful singer in the choir at New Life Church. He knew her since she was born: “To look up there and see them singing and she not being there will take some time to adjust to.”

A funeral service for Arnise is scheduled for Saturday at New Life Church.

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