Record-setting kicker waits for shot in the NFL

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Take a look back 30 years from now, and you’ll find Jarod Brown had big hand- and a big foot- in writing the first few chapters of Old Dominion Football’s history.

Brown just wrapped up his senior season in 2013; a season in which he broke the school record for longest field goal not once, but twice, hit a game-winner as time expired, and became the school’s all-time leader with 380 career points.

“We’re not suppose to miss as kickers, just like the quarterback is not supposed to miss a pass,” said Brown on Monday.

His latest school-record long kick- a 54 yarder in the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers- is now the longest Heinz Field history, college or professional. “I mean, it’s probably the hardest stadium there is to kick in in the United States…It was pretty nice,” said Brown.

He’s broken the school’s record for longest kick four times, and tied for the longest another. “I feel like I have a strong leg…I always have had a strong leg,” said Brown. Can that leg translate to an NFL field full time? Brown is hoping so.

“I feel like I’m the best in the country as far as the kickers coming out of college this year,” he said. It’s extremely hard for kickers to be drafted, and those that do make it are usually signed to free-agent contracts. That won’t keep Brown off the practice field.

“I’m out here practicing, working out and getting ready. As soon as that call comes in, then I’ll be excited and it doesn’t really matter who it is.”


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