Va. Beach crews give tips on mosquito control

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Landstown Meadows Park has plenty of places for mosquitoes to grow, like ditches with standing water, but Virginia Beach Mosquito Control Superintendent Phil Meekins said his crew has it under control.

“The rain last week created far more puddles and places for standing water, so there will be mosquitoes utilizing that standing water soon to create other mosquitoes,” Meekins said.

Meekins crew tackles places like that ditch with larvacide: “That’s applying materials to standing water to kill the immature mosquitoes before they can fly and bite. Kill them before they become a nuisance.”

One species of mosquitoes is particularly pesky — the Asian Tiger Mosquito.

“The reason it’s so concerning is it doesn’t mature or breed in areas that we can get at, out in the ditches, or in standing water at parks and things like that. It breeds in artificial containers in people’s backyards,” Meekins said.

And he offers this advice to help people deal with them: “Eliminate things like cans, buckets, tires in their backyard that can hold standing water or tarps over woodpiles that hold standing water. Check your gutters to make sure they’re not clogged.”

He said it’s likely anything that keeps water standing outside for seven days can be the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

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