Tides manager ejected in “Star Wars Night” win

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Ron Johnson lost his cool (and his cap), but his Norfolk Tides kept their composure and crushed visiting Wilkes-Barre Scranton 14-6 in front of visitors from all over the known galaxy.

The turning point, and what was probably considered the most entertaining point in the game came in the third inning. Already ahead 5-2, Tides leftfielder Cord Phelps hit a loop single just over the first-baseman’s head; and seemingly just fair. Two runs crossed the plate and Norfolk took a 7-2 lead.

That is until RailRiders manager Dave Miley walked out to argue that the ball had fallen foul. Even without the help of instant replay, which is not used at the minor league level, the umps reconvened and decided that Phelps’ hit had indeed fallen foul, placing the two scoring runs back on third and second.

Johnson initially tried making his rebuttal to the umpires in a more diplomatic fashion, but to no avail. The umpires weren’t changing their minds a second time. Johnson continued letting off some steam in the umps’ direction and was eventually ejected, tossing his hat into the crowd as he walked off still shouting less-than-kind adjectives about what he thought the call was.

The Tides later got home runs from Phelps, Xavier Paul, Brett Wallace, showing off some offense to all the storm troopers, bounty hunters, wookies, and jedi dressed for “Star Wars Night” at Harbor Park.


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