Heavy rains flood streets across Hampton Roads

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Average High Temperatures

SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — Flooding has been a big problem for folks in the western part of Hampton Roads, especially during the recent severe weather. Now locals wait for washed out roads to emerge from the water.

After heavy rain this week, Tucker Swamp Road in Southampton County is swamped with high water.

“There’s a creek back in there and there’s a swamp on the other side of it, and whenever the creek overflows and floods the swamp, it’ll fill up in those trees and come across the road,” said local resident Ted McAlpine.

Photos: Flooding in Southampton County

Stephanie Munford, another local resident, said she and her family are coping as best they can with the impassable street: “We’re pretty used to this. I’ve been here 22 years and when it gets pretty bad it takes us about an hour to get to Franklin. We have to re-route and it’s very inconvenient.”

No one can predict how long the road will stay closed, but McAlpine, is watching the flood waters from his home.

“It’s still rising,” he said. “This morning when I got up and looked out here you could see the top of the 2, and now the level’s about to reach the bottom of the 3. So it’s still rising.”

McAlpine hopes the water doesn’t rise up into his yard and force him to move his vehicles to higher ground.

In neighboring Franklin, Public Works crews continue to take a proactive approach to flash flooding by routinely clearing storm drains and ditches.

“[We try to] prevent any flash flooding of the roads, but when we have an abnormal situation like yesterday when we had the rain, there’s only so much we can do,” said Steve Watson, a department superintendent.

Crews also keep an eye on water levels in the Blackwater River for flooding concerns.

10 On Your Side received viewer pictures of flooded streets in the Ivor area and video of Muddy Creek Road in Pungo covered with water.

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