VB reduces speed limit on North Landing Rd.

Map courtesy city of Virginia Beach
Map courtesy city of Virginia Beach

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia Beach City officials have reduced the speed limit along a residential road to reduce crashes.

Local residents told the city they had concerns about safety on North Landing Road and asked for a speed limit reduction from 55 mph to 45 mph, according to Senior Traffic Engineer Mike Shahsiah.

The city conducted a traffic study that revealed a large number of crashes along a 2.1 mile section of the road — 68 crashes in six years, 30 percent with injuries, 36 percent rear-end crashes, and 26 percent where a vehicle ran off the road.

“Based on our study, we recommended this speed limit reduction, which would increase only 31 seconds in travel time along the entire 2.1 miles,” Shahsiah said.

The speed was changed during the first week of April. But the work isn’t over for Shahsiah, who said his team will monitor the road for crashes for the next six to 12 months to make sure the speed limit change does the trick.

Shahsiah said North Landing Road is a minor arterial road with an average daily traffic volume of 11,000. The section where the speed limit was reduced has 48 residential driveways.

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