New father fights for life after fire

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JAMES CITY COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — A young man is fighting for his life after being burned when his home caught fire over the weekend.

Early Saturday morning, neighbors in Marston’s Trailer Park in James City County awoke to see a ball of flames where 25-year-old Aaron Buckner’s home should have been. Others heard him in distress.

“I looked out the window and the fire was coming out the bedroom window already,” said Darrin Crow.

“Once I woke up, I heard somebody yell for help,” said Brent Ford. “I looked out my window, my bedroom window, and seen flames coming out of his bedroom window. He was just kind of walking around and in a daze, so to speak, in a lot of pain. I just tried to keep him away.”

The new father, whose son was just born in October, barely made it out alive.

Photos: Fire leaves new father hospitalizedAaron

“He put his hands over his face to get out of the house,” said Melanie Buckner, Aaron’s sister-in-law. “The back door was locked. He couldn’t get out, so he went out the front door. We’re still amazed and kind of in shock at how he made it out. We really just don’t know how, but he’s tough and he found his way out of that trailer.”

Buckner now has severe burns covering 25 percent of his body. He’s in critical condition with no idea how long it will take to recover. But his mind is set on returning to the baby he was just getting to know.

“He’s an amazing father and that’s the light of his life,” Buckner said. “And he even asked about him at the hospital.”

Buckner couldn’t speak, but family members say he spelled names with his fingers instead at the hospital to communicate about his son.

Doctors say the 25-year-old is still not in the clear, and his family is doing all they can to help and prepare him for learning about all the flames swept away. Melanie Buckner told the only thing Aaron has to his name now is his vehicle — no clothing, pictures, or mementos, but mounting medical bills.

If you’d like to help Aaron Buckner, click here.

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