Historic homes damaged by Edenton tornado

EDENTON, N.C. (WAVY) — Governor Pat McCrory says four historic structures were damaged in Edenton during Friday’s tornado.

The four homes are located in Edenton’s historic district along Water Street.The home with the most damage belongs to Rolfe and Nancy Schroeder. They’ve lived in the 250 year-old home for the last ten years.

The Schroeders were eating a late dinner Friday evening when they heard the storm come through. They could tell they were in the thick of the storm and felt a crash that shook the whole house.

“That was the chimney coming down and the top of the chimney landing on the second floor of the house,” said Rolfe. “Fortunately, it didn’t come through, because that’s right where we were, right underneath that.”

As the Schroeders went upstairs, all they could see was the dark sky. The storm had ripped their roof off. The storm also broke windows and broke off a second level covered porch with a swing on it. The family doesn’t know where all the debris ended up.

“It’s probably in splinters all over the place,” Nancy said.

As bad as their damage is, the Schroeders are very grateful they and their neighbors were not hurt.

The Schroeders will now have to rebuild the outside of their house exactly as it was before. The Town of Edenton’s Historic Preservation Commission regulates any changes that happen to houses in the historic district. As the Schroeders and other homeowners make repairs, they’ll have to use the same materials to maintain the authenticity of the neighborhood.

“As long as they’re willing to repair with like materials, the town will have minimal involvement,” explained Sam Barrow, Edenton’s town planner.

Rolfe and Nancy Schroeder plan on rebuilding the outside and inside of the house exactly as it was before.

“There aren’t many houses like this left,” Rolfe said.

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