Daycare worker’s video upsets Newport News mother

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — A Newport News mother called 10 On Your Side upset about a video of her 1-year-old son being restrained by another child at daycare facility.

The video was filmed by a female worker at Barnes Family Child Care Center in Newport News, and the child’s mother, Jacquita Elazier, is upset because the worker chose not to separate the two children when her son started screaming.

“It just kind of shocked me and hurt my feelings at the same time,” Elazier said. “Because my baby, he was basically crying for help, and it’s being recorded instead of someone giving him assistance.”

Elazier said the worker sent the video to others via text message. In the recording, the worker’s hand enters the screen.

“She puts her hand out in the video and then pulls it back when he reaches for it,” Elazier said. “It is really what made me cry, because he’s trying to get up, to get to her because he’s used to her, and she starts laughing.”

Elazier confronted the director of the child care center about the video Monday morning. She said the director fully cooperated.

“We spoke with the daycare worker who is in the video and she said she wanted to just show the other mother that her son bullies other kids,” Elazier said.

10 On Your Side also spoke to the director outside the daycare center. The director said the employee will be reprimanded, but the punishment has not been decided. She also mentioned the parents of both children are family friends. Elazier said both families also know the worker who recorded the video because they all grew up in the same church.

But any faith Elazier had in her is now gone.

“It changed my whole mindset of her at this point in time,” Elazier said. “I don’t think she deserves to have that job — not dealing with children.” checked records for Barnes Family Child Care on the Department of Social Services website and found some minor violations, mostly for broken playground equipment. sent the video to Newport News Police to look into the allegations.

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