Mother’s Day gift guide: 5 ideas she’ll love

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How about a little Mother’s Day trivia for you? How many years have we been ‘officially’ celebrating Mother’s in the United States?

Answer: 100 years.

In 1914, Woodrow Wilson declared Mother’s Day official and designated the second Sunday of May as that day. Some of you may be thinking that isn’t very long, or perhaps the opposite, that it’s longer than you imagined – either way, it’s a pretty substantial milestone in the history of Mother’s Day!

Whether you are a proponent of the sometimes referred to ‘commercial holidays’ that have become the norm in our country, you have to admit that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is a quality day in the mix. Parenthood can be such a thankless job. It means endless hours of giving yourself to others without any regard to yourself. You always come second. And, that’s ok, most of the time. However, it is nice when those around you take the time to give thought to a gift that has sentimental value or one that taps into your personal interests so you can enjoy some time focused on just you.

We decided to put a mini-guide together for those of you on the hunt for that perfect gift. Mother’s Day is two weeks away and you have plenty of time, but it pays to give it some thought for those women in your life who have worked tirelessly to make your lives better. Make sure to chime in below within our comment section to let us know what you would add to this list, your fellow community members will thank you, especially those who tend to procrastinate.

Side note: book mark this little post in the event you need to refer to it on Saturday the 10th of May – most of these can be managed the day before. We’re here to help.

1.  Birchbox or Stitchfix Subscription


Beauty and style subscription boxes are all the rage and if your favorite mom loves both, then pick one to sign her up! Each of the above customizes the subscription to the person which is what makes them stand out from some of the rest.

If you are interested in gifting the Stitchfix subscription head HERE for their gift card form and set it all up.

Birchbox offers gift subscriptions for women AND men, so you can plan ahead for Father’s Day – score!

2. Shellac Nail At-Home Starter Kit  this can be pricey out the gate, but in the long term, it saves money at the nail salon. Many moms can find it a struggle to make it to the nail salon within business hours, so this is a great option for winding down at home after the kids are in bed. At $30-40 per two-week visit to do your nails at the salon with shellac and/or acrylic, your kits are paid off in a few short months! It’s a great gift, and a win for your budget over the course of time.


Images via Amazon (see links to products)
Images via Amazon (see links to products)


3. Alex and Ani Bangles or Pandora charms are always a win because they can be tailored to tell a story and share love with the women in your life who give so much to their families.

Each Alex and Ani bangle, a US made product, has a special meaning. Their collections are extensive and come with a variety of styles and focus to build a wrist of meaning for your loved one. If you go with the charm bangles, they have a round engraved charm and each has it’s own special meaning. Some are apparent, others have symbols and come with little cards that share their meaning AND, for your Disney loving mothers, they even have those.


If you are military here in Hampton Roads, the Norfolk Exchange sells both Pandora products as well as Alex and Ani (minus Disney – head to the Disney Store online for those) , so if you’re a last minute kind of person – head that way!

4. An Afternoon at the Gun Range – there’s a new gun range in town, aimed at women who are looking to be more at ease with guns. Colonial Shooting Academy will open up their gun range on May 3rd, just in time for Mother’s Day this year and they have a goal of drawing women in to their learning center. Memberships and scheduled appointments are affordable and it could be a great bonding experience for husband and wife.

Image via Flickr

5. Wine & Beer Enthusiasts will love the following:

Image via Flickr
Image via Flickr

Wine Gift Basket or Wine Club subscription – If you know mom likes to wind down with a glass of red at the end of a long day, send her a lovely gift basket or sign her up for a wine club from her favorite winery. Wine Country Gift Baskets it a great online company who is reliable and offers regular deals and a lovely variety of gift baskets. Wine is their forte, but they have chocolate, pampering and other goodies as well. You could also plan a family date at one of our local wineries or breweries if mom is into the hoppy drinks instead of the grapes!

Head to a local winery or brewery for a tour – we have many in our area and it’s a fun way to get out with your loved one.

Some local wineries & breweries within the Hampton Roads areas include:

  • Mermaid Winery – they are located in Norfolk and are “Virginia’s first urban winery”!
  • Williamsburg Winery is a well-known local winery and has the authentic vineyard feel.
  • Virginia Beach Breweries: Back Bay Brewery, Beach Brewing Company, Young Veteran’s Brewing Company
  • Norfolk Breweries: Smartmouth Brewing Company, O’Connor Brewing Company
  • Hampton: St. George Brewing Company
  • WIlliamsburg: Williamsburg Ale Works

 What are your favorite gifts to give the women you love in your life? 


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