Coast Guard coordinates rescue of 3 people, dog

Photo courtesy the Coast Guard.
Photo courtesy the Coast Guard.

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (AP) — The Coast Guard coordinated the rescue of three people and a dog after a 49-foot sailboat sank about 900 miles northeast of Bermuda.

The Coast Guard says the 49-foot sailboat sank in the Atlantic Ocean on Thursday.

Coast Guard officials were contacted by the International Rescue Center after receiving a message that said people were in a life raft and needed help.

Coast Guard in Virginia requested assistance from a commercial tanker, the Tilda Kosan, that was in the area.

The Coast Guard says the crew aboard the Tilda Kosan located the life raft Friday morning and got the passengers and the dog aboard their ship. The Coast Guard says the survivors plan to stay remain aboard the ship, which is scheduled to pull into Bermuda. No injuries were reported.

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