OBX cab driver’s death ruled accidental

DARE COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — Investigators have been looking into the death of an Outer Banks cab driver as a possible assault, but now have determined it was an accident.

Colington Harbour residents told investigators they found Mark Harvey unconscious in a driveway after his cab crashed into a jeep on Harbour View Drive earlier this month. When emergency teams flew him to an area hospital, Harvey’s head was bleeding.

After sifting through leads from the public, videos from nearby businesses and information from people who saw Harvey alone prior to his discovery, the Dare County Sheriff’s Office has determined some kind of medical condition led to Harvey’s injuries.

Lieutenant Kevin Duprey said the death certificate from Sentara Norfolk General Hospital confirmed evidence from the scene and other leads, indicating the same thing.

“Our hearts goes out to the Harvey family for their loss,” Sheriff Doughtie said. “I am proud of the work the investigators put into finding out what happened in this case. Even though this was thought to be and turned out to be a medical issue, our investigators followed every possible lead to make sure nothing was missed. It’s nice to know we don’t have someone out there assaulting people in our community.”

According to Duprey, the investigation revealed the following happened on April 13:

At approximately 12:27 a.m., Mr. Harvey dropped several people off at The Outer Banks Brewing Station. While at the Brewing Station, Mr. Harvey was dispatched to pick up his sister in Colington Harbor on Mybet Court. He leaves the Brewing Station a short time later without any passengers. A couple minutes later the Taxi was seen going past the Kangaroo Gas Station at Colington Rd, headed towards Colington Harbor. At approximately 12:37 a.m., Mr. Harvey was seen going through the Colington Guard Shack headed towards Mybet Court. Mr. Harvey waived at the attendant at the gate when he passed through. Shortly after going through the Guard Shack area, another taxi cab driver came through and noticed Mr. Harvey sitting on the side of the road in front of 420 Harborview Drive. That taxi cab driver was waived around by Mr. Harvey. The driver did not see anyone in the cab with Mr. Harvey at that time. Four men from the Coast Guard were next door to 420 Harborview Dr. in the back yard having a bonfire. They also noticed Mr. Harvey pull off the road at 420 Harborview Dr. They did not notice anything odd at that time. A couple minutes later the same taxi cab driver came back by and Mr. Harvey was in the driveway of 420 Harborview Drive. They again did not see anyone else in the taxi but Mr. Harvey. The Coast Guardsmen also noticed Mr. Harvey pull into the driveway and stop. Shortly after that, they noticed Mr. Harvey pulling forward down the driveway. They heard what they thought was the van striking something at the house. They did not hear any altercations or see anyone get out of the van. At approximately 0130hrs, 2 of the Coast Guard men walked over to see about the accident and notice Mr. Harvey lying on the concrete attempting to get up. They called 911 and rendered first aid. Mr. Harvey was able to give the Coast Guardsmen his wallet, but his condition quickly deteriorated. The Sheriff’s Office, EMS and Colington Fire Dept. responded and he was transported to OBX Hospital then to Norfolk Sentara.

“I want to personally thank the community for their assistance,” Sheriff Doughtie said. “I would also like to thank the Outer Banks Brewing Station, Kangaroo at Colington Rd. and the Colington Guard Shack for providing videos that assisted us in this case.”


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