VB man gets 18 years after admitting to 14 offenses

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A 19-year-old will spend less than 20 years in prison for 14 offenses related to a fight outside an Oceanfront nightclub and an armed robbery in Virginia Beach last year.

Macie Pridgen with the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney said Mark David Coleman of Virginia Beach pleaded guilty to the following charges in court Wednesday: attempted robbery, armed burglary, abduction with intent to gain pecuniary benefit, three counts of robbery, three counts of conspiracy, and two counts of use of a firearm.

Coleman previously pleaded guilty to charges of brandishing a firearm, possession of marijuana by an inmate, and possession of a stolen firearm.

For all 14 charges, Circuit Court Judge Glenn R. Croshaw sentenced Coleman to 33 years in prison, with all but 18 years suspended.

Pridgen said the Commonwealth’s evidence proves that on June 16, 2013, Coleman was outside an Oceanfront nightclub when he got into an argument with another man. The police officers who responded to the scene observed the argument and Coleman pulling a gun on the man.

Coleman was apprehended by police and admitted he knew the gun he had was stolen. When he was booked into jail, he had marijuana in his possession.

Pridgen said Coleman was released from jail on bond a few days later, despite the Commonwealth’s objection.

“On June 28, Coleman and his 17-year-old co-defendant were at a 7-Eleven store when they saw an acquaintance of Coleman’s who he knew sold marijuana. The acquaintance had a friend with him,” Pridgen said.

Coleman and his co-defendant asked the acquaintance to buy marijuana, but robbed him at gunpoint when he went to get the drugs from his car.

“Coleman then walked the victim into 7-Eleven at gunpoint and forced him to withdraw over $200. While Coleman was inside, his co-defendant robbed the victim’s friend at gunpoint,” Pridgen said.

Coleman and his co-defendant then had the juvenile victim drive them to his home, where they went inside and stole more property at gunpoint, Pridgen said.

“Coleman remained outside of the residence, keeping watch over the second victim,” Pridgen said. “When the juvenile left the home with the stolen money, electronics and jewelry, Coleman helped him get it into their car and left with him.”

Police were alerted, found the defendants’ vehicle and pursued until Coleman, who was driving, crashed the vehicle. He was taken into custody and confessed to his involvement in the crimes.

The juvenile co-defendant is awaiting trial for his involvement in these crimes, Pridgen said.

Coleman had no prior criminal record.

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