Financial Matters: Growing your finances

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – Now that spring is here, the plants are growing and it’s getting greener. That does take some planning, like knowing what to plant and when to plant and what to cut back and what to let grow.  It’s really the same concept when you’re dealing with your finances.

Here are three things to consider to keep your finances growing green (information provided by BayPort Credit Union):

*Pull the weeds and cut back the old stuff (look for wasteful spending).

  •     Start by looking at your budget.
  •     Consider eliminating unnecessary expenses.
  •     Update existing expenses.

*Tend to the growth (spend wisely).

  •     Apply ongoing maintenance to you budget.
  •     Know your disposable income and what to do with it.

*Let things take root (saving and investing).

  •     Not every season is a spending season.
  •     Put your money to work for you.
  •     Allow it time to grow.

For more information, stop by any of the BayPort Credit Union locations across Hampton Roads.

This segment of The Hampton Roads Show is sponsored by BayPort Credit Union.


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