Teen shot in face talks about shooting, recovery

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – The teenager who was shot in the face after a bullet tore through her apartment wall talked only to 10 On Your Side about the incident and her recovery.

The shooting occurred April 15 on Aqua Vista Drive in Newport News, near King-Lincoln Park. The victim was 18-year old Demetria Logan, who is now out of the hospital. Her mouth is wired shut, but she said she’s not letting her injuries or the very scary incident keep her from smiling about the great things ahead of her.

Logan said she was sitting in her room talking to her mom when the gun was fired.

“She said something to me and I said well, ‘to every action there’s a reaction’ and then it all of a sudden came through the wall,” Logan said. “It just went right through my mouth. Everything went really slow. I didn’t know whether I got shot or she got shot. I just felt blood drip down my shirt. They just said it missed everything, my teeth, my tongue, it just went right through, but it broke my jaw.”

Logan spent three days in the hospital with family, friends, and even teachers from school, hoping for her safe and speedy recovery. Her supporters made a YouTube video to show how much they care in addition to sending flowers, cards and stuffed animals.

Logan said she can’t wait to return to class, but something a little more special is what’s giving her an extra incentive to get well: “I can’t wait for prom. That’s what I’m excited about. Prom.”

There’s also graduation, and Logan said she wants to go into the military and become a photographer at some point.

10 On Your Side confirmed Monday that Newport News Police have obtained petitions for a 17-year-old male in connection with the shooting that injured Logan. That’s similar to a warrant for an adult. They have not located him yet and say that the investigation is ongoing.

Count on 10 On Your Side for updates on this developing story.

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