ERT experiences another E-ZPass software glitch

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — If you use E-ZPass to travel through the Downtown or Midtown tunnel, check your account. 10 On Your Side learned tolls you racked up between April 2 and April 18 have not been processed because of a software glitch.

We also learned those fees will start being deducted Friday. Emails went out to some E-ZPass customers Friday, warning them that it would be happening.

Elizabeth River Tunnels promises that transactions will be processed in small batches over the next seven to 10 days, so your account isn’t drained quickly. 10 On your side asked what would happen if someone’s account did go to a zero balance.

“We’re going to try a few times to deduct it from the account before it would be changed to a pay-by-plate processing, and if anything like that should happen, you could call our customer service center and work with our ERT customer service agents,” said Lauren Hansen with ERT.

ERT recommends E-ZPass users check their account balances daily, especially if they are not set up to automatically replenish.

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