Rabid cat attacks two people in Norfolk

Heavy Rain Likely, Snow North.
Heavy Rain Likely, Snow North.

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – A rabid, stray cat attacked two people in Norfolk last week.

Brian Knight with the Department of Health in Norfolk said it happened Friday in the 8600 block of Glen Myrtle Avenue. One of the victims was bit while trying to feed the cat, while the other was attached while walking to their vehicle.

The cat was captured and sent to Richmond to be tested for rabies. That test was positive.

Officials will go to the neighborhood to let residents know about the cat. Anyone who may have come in contact with the cat is asked to call the Norfolk Department of Health at 757-683-2712.

“Rabies is 100 percent preventable, but once symptoms begin, there is no cure and it is almost always fatal,” the Department of Health said in a release. Reducing exposure can include keeping animals up to date on vaccinations, not handling stray animals and keeping pets confined to the home and yard.

Additionally, officials are holding a rabies vaccination clinic for dogs and cats April 19 for just $5.


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