Interviewing the accused Kansas killer before he was Frazier Cross

(WAVY) — Back in 1986 as a reporter for WITN in Washington, N.C., WAVY’s Andy Fox investigated the White Patriot Party and interviewed its leader, a man who is now accused of killing three people in shootings at two Jewish facilities in Kansas.

Glenn Miller led the white supremacist group in North Carolina 28 years ago, before he changed his name to Fraizier Cross and decades before he was charged with capital murder and first degree murder this week.

The purpose of Fox’s investigation in 1986  was to expose the men of the White Patriot Party, who were running for public office. Miller ran for governor in 1984 and for a U.S. Senate seat in 1986.

When Fox and a WITN photojournalist, who happened to be African American, went to Miller’s home for the interview, Miller would not allow the photojournalist inside his Angier, N.C. home because of the color of his skin. The interview was conducted on Miller’s front lawn.

During the interview, Miller said he changed the name of his group from the “Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan” to the White Patriot Party. He hoped the name would be more “mainstream.” But the group represented the same discrimination and hate no matter how it was disguised, and Miller spewed forth the same hate he does today.

Miller has also gone by the alias Frazier Glenn Miller.

To view Andy Fox’s full report from 1986, click here.


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