Aunt remembers girl killed in daycare crash

Photo Courtesy NBC News

TASLEY, Va. (WAVY) – The man accused of sending a car crashing into a daycare in Florida remains in jail, after a judge denied him bond.

Police accuse 28-year-old Robert Corchado of causing the crash, which sent more than 10 people to the hospital and killed 4-year-old Lily Quintus.

Meanwhile, Quintus’s family struggles to deal with their loss. Maryann Pezzuto lives on the Eastern Shore, but much of her family lives in Florida. That includes Brian Quintus, who is Pezzuto’s nephew, and 4-year-old Lily Quintus’s father.

“It was all over the news, and they never said her name,” said Pezzuto. “So I didn’t know it was my niece.”

Pezzuto’s daughter called her, crying hysterically, saying “Little Lil” was dead. Pezzuto can’t understand how Corchado could drive away from the crash victims, who were mostly children.

“Why didn’t he just help these people,” she said. “Just help. Maybe my niece would have made it.”

Lily made it only as far as the hospital, where Pezzuto says she had three surgeries.

“She still didn’t survive, because her little body was so fragile,” Pezzuto said.

Now, she can only think of the person Lily might have become.

“At four years old, you didn’t even begin to live. You didn’t even begin to live yet.”

Pezzuto plans to attend Lily’s funeral in Florida. Corchado will be in court Monday for another bond hearing.

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