Hot new wedding venue: A wastewater treatment facility?

Image via Flickr/Andrew Morrell

Are you on the hunt for that perfect wedding venue?

Do you dream of the day you will walk down the aisle and see your future spouse gazing at you in loving adoration?

Well, we may have just the destination wedding spot for you! For a budget-friendly $2,000 you can rent out the Brightwater Center in the beautiful Seattle area. This center has plenty of room for your guests to dine, dance and celebrate your big day. There’s just one catch, it’s all within close proximity of the Brightwater Wastewater Treatment Facility – as in on the same property.

On the 8th of April, King County posted this on their Facebook page:

Need a place to party? With a full catering kitchen, state-of-the-art AV equipment, dance floor, ample parking, beautiful outdoor grounds, and room for up to 260 people, our LEED Platinum certified Brightwater Center has everything you need for your wedding reception or special event.

If you head to the Brightwater Center page for King County, you can see a beautiful slideshow of photos and, for the most part, it does look like a lovely space – until you note the sewer treatment plant nearby. One thing to note is this facility is contained, so the potential smell is apparently, a non-issue.

According to the Huffington Post, who reached out to the Brightwater Center, they already have a wedding booked for this fall, perhaps this new revenue push isn’t an epic fail but a smart business move?  The funds from the events will be used to continue their Educational services at the center.

In the local area, the other event and wedding venues consist of lovely wineries and along with that, a steeper price point – think $5-$10,000. So, with that in mind, perhaps the wastewater treatment being conducted nearby can be overlooked for those who want a lovely venue, but require a more budget-friendly option?

How did you save on costs for your wedding day? Would you consider this venue to save on the overall expense of your day? 

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