Neighbors: Impact of club closing noticeable

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — It’s only been about two weeks since a Virginia Beach judge temporarily stripped Fuego’s Lounge of its liquor license. Without it, the business hasn’t opened, and residents say they are seeing an immediate impact.

“Since they’ve been closed, it has been more quiet,” said resident Ginger Capps.

“[It is relaxing] just knowing that there wasn’t such shenanigans going on outside at really late hours,” added resident Kristen Ellis.

In court, the city illustrated what it thought was the continued shenanigans outside the 17th Street night club. There were fights, shootings and stabbings. The police chief called Fuego’s the most dangerous place in the city.

“Around 2 a.m. when everything is closing, there always seems to be some sort of hassle, and if I ever look at the window, there is always flashing lights over there,” said Ellis.

Last weekend was the first in years the night club wasn’t open. The 7-Eleven across the street usually closes for two hours around 2 a.m. when Fuego’s is letting out, but this past weekend it stayed open.

Police say they had no calls for service on the club’s block and there were no arrests made.

“This isn’t just about Mr. Del Cid’s rights and his being able to operate this club in our neighborhood,” added Capps. “If he can do that and ensure the safety of the surrounding community, that’s fine.”

10 On Your Side spoke with club owner Carlos Del Cid two weeks ago. He believes he is being targeted by the city. In fact, in court, police could not come up with any concrete examples of violence inside his club.

“We are a resort community, but we are also a neighborhood community,” Capps said.

That community now waits until Fuego’s goes up before the ABC Board, which will determine if the club gets its liquor license back. The Virginia Beach judge ordered Fuego’s to have the hearing with in 45 days.

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