Motorcyclists may not be paying tolls at Jordan Bridge

PORTSMOUTH, VA. (WAVY) — Most in Hampton Roads would say they don’t want to pay the tolls at the South Norfolk Jordan Bridge, but there may be a group of people who actually aren’t.

An email came into the WAVY Newsroom informing us about a possible loophole in the tolling process at the SNJB for motorcyclists. In part, the email said the following:

I know three people who I work with that tell me they use the Jordan bridge and never pay with their motorcycle. There is a dark zone on the sensors that do not pick up the motorcycle if they are in a certain area. took the email to Bridge General Manager Kevin Krum, and sure enough there is a potential problem with the bridge sensors, which could create a potential problem with toll collection under the toll gantry.

“This is the first we’ve heard of potential issues from a particular vehicle class,” Krum said.

Krum brought the issue to the attention of his toll collector who built the system.

“We are going to look at any potential gaps that we have in our tolling system, or the facility,” Krum said.

10 On Your Side took a look at the system, and we noticed where the problems may be. We won’t reveal what we found, so as not to give anyone any ideas. but it is clear the problem is in the eastbound lane, and not the westbound lane.

“When the motorcycles are slowing down, you may be able to maneuver, and we may find some kind of issue in the system in that capacity,” Krum said.

Krum has never seen anyone doing it, nor did anyone do it while we were with Krum on the bridge, but three people who work with our tipster apparently skirt the toll on a regular basis.

“People are always looking for ways around the system, so we want to take a hard look at our system and make sure we have the gaps closed up,” Krum said. “It is not fair for cars and trucks to pay and for motorcycles not to pay. I couldn’t agree more … and we are working on that … it needs to be fair for everyone.”


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