Law firm’s edgy ads claim bias against men

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – A Virginia Beach attorney is using an over-the-top advertising campaign to highlight a serious problem – the bias some men experience in family court.

The Firm for Men’s new commercial shows a man cheering about his divorce and his new “hot girlfriend.” It’s one of many new advertisements the law firm just began using to get men’s attention. They also plan to post a billboard that reads: “Just because she gave birth doesn’t make her the better parent.”

“We feel it shows men in a positive light, and it shows that life isn’t over because of divorce,” said attorney Jason Swango. “The ads say ‘we’re here for you, but you can also have a good ending.'”

The Firm for Men only represents men in divorce, custody cases, or family court battles — battles Swango says men historically don’t win.

“Men absolutely have the deck set against them, absolutely,” Swango said. “That’s why we are trying to bring awareness.”

Swango believes women fare better in court, especially in cases involving children.

“To be honest, why should the woman get everything?” said Swango. “She shouldn’t. It wasn’t built that way when she got married. Why should it be built that way when they divorced?”

Swango also plans to run newspaper ads that say, “It used to be cheaper to keep her.”

“We’re taking a positive approach to divorce by representing men,” Swango said. “But we want guys to understand we’re regular people. We can strike some humor in a strenuous situation.”

The in-your-face ads aside, Swango says it’s all about men having the same rights as women in family court.

“It’s important for people to understand we’re not women haters,” Swango said. “I’ve been married for 18 years. I have four beautiful daughters, but we believe everyone should have rights and have an advocate.”

The Firm for Men also wants to create a charity to help struggling single dads get back on their feet.

There is also a women’s only law firm in Hampton Roads.

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