Business returns to Portsmouth Marine Terminal

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Portsmouth Marine Terminal is being used again for business for the first time since it was closed in 2011.

Joe Harris with the Port of Virginia a portion of PMT is being used as a staging area for vehicles being exported to China. Saturday, a Norfolk Southern train arrived at Carolina Yard in Portsmouth with 700 Chrysler SUVs made in Ohio. The vehicles were then transported or driven to PMT.

The opening is temporary, but officials the 6-month memorandum of understanding between Pasha Automotive and Virginia International Terminals could be the basis for a longer term agreement.

“The immediate opportunity for PMT and the port is significant,” said John F. Reinhart, CEO and executive director of the Virginia Port Authority. “This is a good first step of providing a ‘proof of concept’ to bring business back to PMT. There is a lot of opportunity at PMT for the right users and this is one.”

Harris said two to three additional trains are expected. 2,500 vehicles are scheduled to arrive in the area April 25.

“Our goal is to provide a very high level of service and give Pasha Automotive reason to consider a long-term agreement,” Reinhart said.


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