Norfolk ICE bust related to drug trafficking investigation

Heat Advisory

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Only 10 On Your Side was there Wednesday when a Norfolk home was subject to a federal raid, but officials would give very few details about what was going on. Thursday, got the details on exactly why federal agents were there. has learned federal agents have been investigating a massive heroin ring in South Hampton Roads and they believe the house on Kennebeck Avenue was used to store heroin for distribution.

According to the federal court documents, the five defendants of the drug trafficking organization obtained heroin from a source in Mexico. They then allegedly transported it, distributed it and also allegedly committed money laundering.

The names of places to be searched have been redacted in the documents, but has been able to connect the dots and confirm the defendants listed have connections to the house on Kennebeck Avenue.

Page 19 of the federal complaint has to do with the Norfolk home and defendant Stanley Marque Ingram.’s investigation confirms the redacted section is the address 4860 Kenneback Ave. Ingram’s sister is referred to as “S.I.” has discovered her name, but she is not listed as a defendant in the investigation, so it will not be reported.


Additional Facts Concerning (REDACTION), Norfolk

98. S.I. currently resides (REDACTION) Norfolk. S.I. has been observed coming and going from the residence on numerous occasions in the company of a minor.

99. The investigative team has determined that S.I. is the sister of INGRAM and that S.I. and Antoine Maurice LYONS have a child in common. A search warrant executed by Norfolk Police Department on December 21, 2009, at a previous residence maintained by S.I. resulted in the seizure of approximately five (5) pounds of marijuana, nine (9) grams of heroin, a shotgun, and two handguns.

100. On February 27, 2014, Antoine Maurice LYONS was observed leaving the residence and proceeding directly to his meeting with CS#7 during which he distributed one-half ounce of heroin. On February 20, 2014, WRIGHT was observed entering and exiting the residence immediately prior to two separate suspected drug transactions.

101. On March 27, 2014, at approximately 1740 hours, members of the investigative team established surveillance at (REDACTION) Norfolk. At 1812 hours, VBPD Detective C.R. Jachimiak observed Antoine Maurice LYONS exit from the side of (REDACTION), Norfolk riding a bicycle. Members of the investigative team conducted mobile surveillance on Antoine Maurice LYONS as he rode the bicycle away from (REDACTION) Norfolk.

102. At 1817 hours, members of the investigative team observed Antoine Maurice LYONS meet with an unidentified white male who was operating a blue Ford Explorer at the Family Dollar store on Norview Avenue in Norfolk. Antoine Maurice LYONS got off the bicycle and walked up to the driver’s window. Shortly thereafter, Antoine Maurice LYONS walked away from the blue Ford Explorer and into the Family Dollar store. After exiting the Family Dollar store, Antoine Maurice LYONS was seen riding his bicycle back toward (REDACTION), Norfolk.

During the bust Wednesday, a man was led away in cuffs, but it is unknown who that was. Two children were also in the arms of police, waiting for a family member to pick them up. A person was taken away in an ambulance, possibly due to the stress of the invasion by federal agents. That person may have been S.I., but her father claims it was not. found Stanley Marque Ingram’s father, Stanley Mason Ingram, at the father’s Norfolk home. We asked him if he was aware his son is a defendant in a heroin ring investigation.

“No, no one has come to me to make me aware of it,” he said. “I don’t know what happened … I have no knowledge of it.”

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