Elderly woman’s murder still unsolved

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AHOSKIE, N.C. (WAVY) — The hunt for the person who killed an elderly woman during a home invasion continues one month after her death.

85-year-old Ruby Baker was shot in the chest during a burglary in Ahoskie.

“This is the hardest thing I have ever had to face in my life,” said Baker’s daughter, Mary Lou Bryum, said.

The same could be said for all of Baker’s children. They knew someday they’d have to bury their mother, but not like this.

“It is something I’ve never been through,” added son Billy Baker. “It will knock the wind out of you. I saw her in the back of a rescue vehicle with a bullet hole in her heart.”

Baker was asleep inside her Parker Avenue home. It is the same house she’s lived in since 1953. Someone came through her upstairs window and shot her.

“It just doesn’t seem right,” added daughter Linda Meeks. “No body believes it.”

Baker died a short time after the home invasion. She had an alarm system, but it didn’t sound until the suspect set off rushing out the back door.

“Mama was a beautiful southern lady,” Meeks said. “She loved God. She loved her family.”

“They could have just pushed her down, pushed her in a room and said ‘stay there’ and taken anything they wanted,” Bryum added. “Shooting her was totally not necessary.”

The pain felt by this family is only made greater because the person responsible still hasn’t been caught.

“Somebody knows something if they would just talk, but to my knowledge, not too many folks are talking,” Baker said.

“I’m still not mad at him and I don’t hate whoever did it, but I want to know why,” Bryum said. “I just want to know why, because I still can’t comprehend and I don’t understand why this happened to mama.”

Ahoskie police are getting help from the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations. Anyone with information may contact Lt. Jeremy Roberts with the Ahoskie Police Department at (252) 332-5012 or the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations at (919) 662-4500.

A reward of $5,500.00 is being offered by the Baker Family and the Ahoskie Crime Stoppers.

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