Neighbors walk to send a message about crime

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – People who live in Norfolk’s Lambert’s Point want to send a message: “We don’t like what we’re seeing, and we won’t tolerate it.”

The neighborhood borders Old Dominion University. Since late last month, five ODU students have been the victims of crime.

On February 16, a student was shot. One week later, ODU student Paul Johnson was attacked and killed. Friday, three students were robbed at gunpoint.

The Lambert’s Point Civic League held a walk Saturday morning to help get their message out. A few dozen people cheered, chanted and sang.

“We have to send the message that we’re tired. Tired, and had enough,” said Thomas Harris, president of the Lambert’s Point Civic League. “I think ODU students are a part of the neighborhood when they move in, and they are residents, and we want them to feel that way and be a part of it.”

Harris wants would-be criminals to see that his neighbors are looking out for one another.

“We are taking back our neighborhood,” he said. “We don’t need these people coming from other neighborhoods and terrorizing ours while we’re sleeping.”

Lambert’s Point already has a community watch program. Now, they plan on revamping that program by assigning captains to each block.

The civic league meets the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at the Lambert’s Point Community Center.

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