Portsmouth Police train for active shooter situation

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Portsmouth Police want to make sure they’re prepared for an active shooter situation, so the department to part in special training Wednesday.

The training was planned long before the situation at Naval Station Norfolk this week, but it was designed to help first responders deal with a situation exactly like it or a mass casualty situation.

“Our job is to get those victims out to the fire department so that the fire department, who is not able to defend themselves against these situations, can protect themselves,” said Sgt. Scott Blystone. “We can get the casualties out to them, get better medical care faster, and save lives in the end.”

SWAT medics also trained officers on new life-saving tourniquets. They only cost $30 and they’re already making a difference on the front lines. Eventually, every on-duty Portsmouth Police officer will carry one.

“We’re giving every single officer a combat application tourniquet. A lot of good stuff coming out of the military that we’re learning …  stopping preventable injuries and bleeding to death,” said SWAT Paramedic Richard Fedorowicz.

Eventually, every on-duty Portsmouth Police officer will carry a survival kit, including the tourniquet and special compression bandages.

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