Man races clock to raise money for triple transplant

NEWPORT NEWS, Va  (WAVY) – A Newport News man is caught in a life-and-death game of beat the clock.

Alvin “Buster” Bland is 48 and a former construction worker, who takes eight prescriptions a day for sarcoidosis. The medicines limit his ability to breathe and his compromised lungs have strained his heart, so now he needs three new organs.

Photos: Man raises money for triple transplant

“It’s elevating and getting worse every day,” Bland said. “I don’t think I have a lot of time without the transplant.”

Bland has health insurance to cover the double-lung transplant and heart transplant. But he still needs $10,000 to cover expenses travelling to and from Duke Medical Center for the operation and several follow-up visits. A gospel fundraiser at First Baptist Church Morrison netted about $2,000 toward his goal.

Bland said he believes in his doctors, but his real faith is in God.

Mavis Dixon is organizing support for the Bland family. You can contact her at 757-256-5175 or You can also donate online through the National Foundation for Transplants. Click here, enter the last name “Bland,” and then scroll to the bottom of the page for donations. 

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