Small plane crashes in Kill Devil Hills

Courtesy of Kathryn Fagan

KILL DEVIL HILLS, N.C. (WAVY) — A small plane crashed near Baum Bay in Kill Devil Hills, N.C. Sunday morning.

According to a spokesperson for the National Park Service, a Fantasy Air SRO single engine plane crashed near the Baum Bay housing area just before 11 a.m.

Photos: Small plane crash in Kill Devil Hills

Warren Wrenn said he saw the plane flying low on Sunday morning.

“The wind turned it back around, on a U-turn almost, and that’s why it was headed back around in this direction,” said Wrenn.

Wrenn, who retired from the National Park Service, said First Flight Airport is a tricky place to land. However, conditions were windy in Kill Devil Hills on Sunday.

“I knew if he was sideways, or close to it, that things were going to turn out bad,” said Wrenn.

Wrenn said the plane hit the top of the pine trees, which appeared to slow the plane down before it crashed. As he got to the crash site, he said the plane was clearly destroyed. There was some smoke coming from the engine, but the plane wasn’t on fire.

Wrenn said the two men on board were alert when he found them.

“When I showed up the passenger was trying to climb out of the plane and the pilot was under him, so it was kind of difficult to see the pilot at that point,” he explained.

Both men who were in the aircraft were able to walk away from the site. The pilot suffered serious head injuries near his eye socket and had to be flown to a hospital in Greenville for treatment. Medics took the other man on board the plane to the Outer Banks Hospital for evaluation. Both are expected to recover.

An investigator from the FAA will arrive in Kill Devil Hills Monday to investigate the crash.



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