Victim’s family pleads for hit-and-run driver to confess

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – A family says they just want justice. The woman they love was killed in a hit-and-run crash on Father’s day last year, but even after a major development in the case, there’s still been no arrest.

10 On Your Side asked them about the pain of the last nine months and questioned police about the problems with making an arrest.

“Frustration isn’t an accurate description,” said Master Officer DJ Pointer. “It’s more or less disheartening that someone would run over one of my citizens and leave and then have the audacity not to take responsibility for their actions. It saddens us as a Department that that family has to continue to go through this and there could be closure, closure is as simple as whoever did this coming forward and taking responsibility for their actions.”

54-year-old Marcella Spain died in June after being hit by a truck in the 300 block of Hilltop Drive in Newport News. Her family says a wonderful woman who just wanted to go for a walk after church shouldn’t have had to die that way.

“She was knocked 14 feet down the street,” said Spain’s husband, Walter. “All her bones, just virtually broken, and the person that did it just left the scene. In my mind, I just can’t fathom how somebody would do that. Most people would treat animals better than that.” has followed the story since the beginning and we updated you when police found the vehicle involved in the deadly crash just two days later. But Pointer says the police have still been hard at work because they still can’t place a driver behind the wheel.

“We’ve canvassed every business in the north end of the city, we’ve posted flyers, we’ve gone out and done informational checkpoints,” Pointer said. “Knowing and proving are two entirely different things. We can assume the person the vehicle was registered to was operating it, but we need that proof for court.”

So the family continues to wait and wonder how the person responsible for Marcella’s death can move forward with his or her life in the meantime.

“I want to ask the person who hit her how can he get up every day?” said Spain’s daughter Charity Mathis. “How can he go to sleep at night?”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP. You can also contact the Newport News Police directly at 757-591-4978.

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