Hearing on Oceanfront lounge’s liquor license continues

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Thursday was another day of testimony against an Oceanfront nightclub. Virginia Beach police officers want a judge to take away the owner’s liquor license.

Most of the day revolved around 2nd Precinct Captain Sean Adams. Adams took command of the precinct at the beginning of the year and told the the judge the violence coming from Fuego’s Lounge on 17th Street has gotten worse.

Fuego’s owner, Juan Carols Del Cid, sat next to his attorney, listening to Adam’s testimony.

Adams spoke about a number incidents near the club, most occurring at closing time when the crowd was letting out. There have been shootings, stabbing, fights and overly intoxicated patrons.

Fuego’s opened in early 2011. The Captain said whenever it is open, more officers are needed in that area — 80 percent of the 2nd Precinct’s staff works that block. Every week, officers from other precincts are transferred in, and even officers with those days off, work overtime to keep the block safe.

The city argues Fuego’s is creating an atmosphere that is conducive for violence. Even though the violence isn’t in the club, it says Fuego’s patrons are a nightmare right outside of it.

Fuego’s attorney, Mike Joynes, countered by point out that very little has happened inside the lounge. He asked Adams what violent incidents he could think of that happened in the club. The Captain admitted there were none.

Joynes said Del Cid was told by police to keep the inside safe and officers would take care of the streets. He also asked Adams if he knew of any violations for over pouring residents. Adams couldn’t think of any.

The case will pick up Tuesday. Virginia Beach Police Chief James Cervera and Del Cid are expected to testify.

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