From bat boy, to Tribe pitcher, now entrepreneur

JT Castner William and Mary

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WAVY) – J.T. Castner is a home-grown and now a hometown college baseball player, but his dreams are not confined to the outfield walls. Castner, a junior pitcher for the College of William and Mary, played high school baseball right down the road at Jamestown High School.

Even before making it to the campus of William and Mary, Castner was a bat-boy for the Tribe. A number of people in the area probably know his name, but so do a number of people on social media.

Now he’s trying to do the same in the corporate world.

Castner’s first idea came to him as a senior at Jamestown. “I made a cool shirt, and it turned out being a bit hit,” said Castner,  “A lot of people loved it. I kind of just went from there, and expanded it from an idea and started a business.”

And thus, “JTC Apparel” was born when Castner was just a freshman for the Tribe. JTC  still exists, though Castner says that venture has maybe run its course. Now his interest lies in mobile applications and digital videos. “Right now I’m working on my second start-up, which is an app company,” he said, “It’s a really cool app.

“I’m hoping to revolutionize some things and change the way things work.”

Search his name on YouTube, and you’ll most likely find a video of him sledding down a snowy hill with a husky on his lap. That same video has actually been viewed 4,152 times and is now licensed by GoPro, the company that features a digital camera of the same name.

Castner signed a contract with GoPro and still makes videos with the device.

Even while running a business and making videos, Castner still has time to play baseball and still enjoys doing it. He says he hopes to be the CEO of his own company one day and is hoping “all these little projects I do will play off in the end.”

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