Judge hears testimonies in club liquor license case

Jason Marks reports on violence investigation

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia Beach Officials are asking a a judge to prohibit an Oceanfront night club from selling alcohol. That’s because they believe Fuego’s Lounge is a danger to the community.

Wednesday in Virginia Beach Circuit Court there was courtroom full of Virginia Beach Police Officers, 25 of them ready to testify about incidents near or at Fuego’s Lounge on 17th Street.

Officers say since 2012 there have been 672 calls for service on Fuego’s block — 201 directly tied to the club.

The constant stream of police coming in and out of the courtroom told stories of stabbings, shootings, fights, police chases and drugs near or in Fuego’s. City Attorneys argue the violence is only getting worse.

The city is asking Judge A. Bonwill Shockley to suspend Fuego’s liquor license, until the club’s owner Juan Carlos Del Cid has a final hearing done by Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control.

The defense has a problem with the city taking this sort of action. Attorney Mike Joynes argued the police department has overstepped its bounds in this case and that is the whole reason why we have ABC to begin with — to look into these types of situations.

The law says the city can take action if the repeated problems exist at or adjacent to an establishment. Joynes pointed out that many of the incidents happened two or three blocks away from the club. He wants to know why just because someone says there were there, how does that make Fuego’s responsible for what happened after they left?

Testimony will continue Thursday morning.

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