Portsmouth couple wins $1 million in Va. Lottery

Photo provided by Va. Lottery

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — A Portsmouth couple became Virginia’s newest millionaires on Tuesday.

Calvin and Zatera Spencer, who own a small, home health-care business, came forward to claim their winnings from last week’s Powerball drawing.

Calvin told WAVY.com he has been playing the lottery since it started in Virginia. Buying a weekly ticket became so routine, he didn’t even check the numbers last week.

Photos: Portsmouth couple claims lottery winnings

“We were on our way to work and my father called me and said, ‘when were you going to tell me?’ and I said, ‘tell you what?’ and he said, ‘that you won the money’.”

His father heard on TV that Barber Tire and Auto in Portsmouth sold the winning ticket. That’s where Spencer buys his tickets, so he went home to check and he had the winning numbers — numbers he picked using Easy Pick, which allowed a computer to randomly select the numbers on a ticket.

The winning numbers were 15-15-28-37-54 and Powerball number was 10. Spencer’s ticket matched the first five numbers and missed only the Powerball number. If they had matched all six numbers, they would have won a jackpot estimated at $60 million. There was no jackpot winner in that drawing.

He checked once, twice, and when it sank in … “we almost used the bathroom on ourselves,” he laughed at a news conference. 

It’s still sinking in for his wife, who only said, “Just excited, just still can’t believe it.”

All those years Calvin imagined what he’d do if he won. He had lots of plans. Now he says he doesn’t have any. He’s just enjoying the moment.

In the past 13 months, Powerball players in Virginia have won 12 $1 million prizes, a $2 million prize and a $217 million jackpot.

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