Chesapeake boy describes pit bull attack

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A Chesapeake neighborhood is on alert after a pit bull attacked a young boy and his mother Saturday.

It’s not just the weather keeping nine-year old Dallas Sanders indoors lately. It’s the pit bull that left him and his mom bruised and scratched.

Photos: Chesapeake pit bull attack

“It angers me,” said Dallas’ Dad, Ray Sanders. “He hasn’t been outside since Saturday. We bought a basketball hoop for him and he hasn’t wanted to go outside and play.”Lauren Compton reports on pit bull attack

That’s because in his backyard off Myrtle Avenue is where he says a neighbor’s pit bull attacked him.

“It was like a movie,” Ray said. “The dog was crazed. It was attacking everyone it saw.”

Sanders was outside playing with a group of kids when he says the neighbor’s pit bull darted in the backyard and lunged at him and his friends.

“One of my friend kicked it and it came running back,” Dallas said.

Dallas said he tried to run, but tripped face first on the sidewalk. He scraped his arm, and that’s when the dog bit him in the thigh. His only defense was his Nerf gun.

“They said that the dog was about to bite my face, and I had my gun so I hit him in the face with it,” Dallas said.

Sander’s mom, Tera, rushed to help only to be bitten worse than her son.

“I saw it bite Tera like five times,” Ray said. “It bit her once in the leg, on her hand, her butt, and on her legs.”

“I had blood all over my arm, then my dad came and he kicked the dog. The upstairs neighbor hit the dog with a spatula,” Dallas said.

Dallas said the dog then ran back to its house. 10 On Your Side went to talk to the dog’s owner about what happened, but the owners did not want to talk about the attack.

Ray Sanders is worried the scars his son suffered are deeper than what you see on the surface.

“I feel he is going to be timid around dogs,” he said. “He’s always liked dogs and we have a dog. He’s been different lately.”

Chesapeake Police say they took the dog to Animal Control and euthanized the animal. No charges were filed against the dog’s owners.

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