Man found days after motorcycle crash talks recovery

GLOUCESTER COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — A Gloucester man found alive days after crashing his motorcycle on the side of a busy road, is opening up about his recovery.

Cain was driving his 2002 Kawasaki motorcycle west on Hickory Fork Road when it swerved off the right side of the road and overturned about 20 feet from the wood line. The motorcycle slid several feet into underbrush and struck several trees.

28-year-old Cain was found five days later with broken bones and bug bites about 15 yards away from the highway.

“They said I had broken my left ankle, my collar bone, and I had a collapsed lung, and I hemorrhaged on my brain,” Cain said.

Cain has no memory at all of crashing his bike.

“He shouldn’t be here, he really should not be here,” said Cain’s mother Victoria Jurgensen. “But there he is, in the flesh, walking around, and he’s never lost his sense of humor.”

His family and friends found him in a wooded area off Hickory Fork Road, just two miles from home.

“For me to even make it five days and to be found in the wilderness by myself, I’m lucky to be alive,” Cain said.

After being airlifted to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries, doctors put Cain in a drug-induced coma for almost a month.

“When he responded to us, it was a miracle,” Jurgensen said.

Then Cain had to relearn the simplest of things: “I had to learn how to walk , how to work with small objects, like nuts and screws. I’ve had to teach myself to do that all over again.”

He and his mother were so happy about Cain’s survival they both got tattoos to remember the day they almost lost him. Now there’s just one thing left that Cain wants to do.

“I’m going to ride,” Cain said. “Yea, I will ride again. I love riding too much not to ride, and you can’t live your life in fear.”

Cain is hoping to get back to work in the next few weeks. He is on medical leave from the National Guard.

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