Goodyear unveils new blimp

Photo courtesy Goodyear Blimp's Facebook page.
Photo courtesy Goodyear Blimp's Facebook page.

SUFFIELD, Ohio (WAVY) – Goodyear unveiled its newest blimp Friday in Ohio. The blimp was showcased at Goodyear’s Wingfoot Lake hangar.

The new blimp is 246 feet long, which Goodyear says is is more than 50 feet longer than previous blimps. Goodyear’s new blimp can hold up to 12 people instead of seven.

The blimp still needs a name, and Goodyear is holding a contest to choose one. Whoever picks the winning name will get the new blimp for a day. Nine runners up with receive a set of tires.

Click here for more information and to enter a name in the Goodyear contest.

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