Crash victim’s family warn of drunk driving

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — It’s been a week since 27-year-old Patrick Farrow was struck and killed by a drunk driver in the area of Lees Mill Drive and Warwick Boulevard in Newport News. Friday night, Farrow’s family wanted to share his story to warn others about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Farrow’s family members and loved ones joined at Yorktown Beach for a candlelight vigil in his honor Friday evening.

“He loved the beach, he loved the openness, he loved life,” said Farrow’s uncle, Robert Burns Jr.

“He would make everybody laugh and he would make everybody smile,” said friend, Jacob Kelley. “He was a very, very, good person.”

Family members say Farrow had fragile bones and grew up disabled, but it never stopped him from living to the fullest.

“It was very hard for Patrick to move around sometimes but it never stopped him,” said Burns. “He always took one day at a time.”

Newport News police say Farrow was walking home from a party when he was hit by Kegan Bilger in his GMC truck. Bilger was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and involuntary manslaughter. It’s a pain Farrow’s family knows all too well — 25-years-ago Farrows father was killed by a drunk driver.

“The family has been hit very hard by drunk people on the road, and the worst thing about it is they don’t know they can kill somebody,” said Burns.

That is why Farrow’s family wants people to learn from their story and not drink and drive.

“The emptiness , and the heartache we feel, it’s a true empty feeling because we don’t have Patrick here anymore. It’s tough,” said Burns.

Bilger was granted a $20,000 secured bond and is in the process of being released from jail.

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