Festival draws tattoo artists and enthusiasts

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) – Hundreds of tattoo artists from around the country were in Hampton Roads this weekend. The 4th Annual Tattoo Arts Festival took place at the Hampton Roads Convention Center.

It was a chance for ink lovers to get a look at the latest styles and trends in the industry. It was also a chance for tattoo artists to find new clients.

“It’s a big show. There’s a lot of good artists here. It’s good to rub elbows and meet all those dudes. Like I said, it’s a really good show. There’s a big tattoo market over here too and I’m still trying to get to this part of the country…a bunch of clientele worked up over here,” said a Wisconsin tattoo artist, Jared Glassburn.

“The favorite part of the festival is bringing everyone together from all over the country into one building, one roof, for everyone to learn about each other and see what’s going on, then interacting with the people,” said John Cann, a Festival Partner.

There was also live music and entertainment, tattoo contests, and live painting exhibitions.

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