Condemned units’ doors kicked in after fire

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – Police are investigating possible break-ins at a Newport News high rise apartment building after a fire.

Twenty-one units were condemned Friday after a fire at The Towers apartments. Investigators determined it was cooking that sparked the flames.

Saturday, police told seven of the condemned units on the ninth floor had their doors kicked in. Police were trying to get in touch with the tenants of those apartments to see if the units were burglarized.

WAVY News’ Liz Palka spoke to two residents on Saturday. Elizabeth Chambliss and Lisa Griffith both live on the ninth floor of The Towers. Griffith said they have a lot of questions after learning several things from her apartment were stolen, including jewelry, a TV, clothing and money.

“How unsafe was it if somebody came in and went in everybody’s apartment and robbed everybody?” asked Griffith.

Chambliss said her jewelry and her late mother’s jewlery was stolen. She was escorted by a security officer up to her apartment Saturday so she could check on her belongings. Chambliss said her unit was ransacked.

“I’m worried that, the same thing, they’re going to come back and finish up tonight,” said Chambliss.

Both women said they were told by apartment managers that security officers would patrol the ninth floor overnight. They do not believe that happened. There are security officers at the front of the building and only residents are allowed inside.

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