I Am HR: Bryan Sellitti


NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — When it comes to choosing a profession, most people would say “go in the direction that makes you happy and one that you’re passionate about.” That statement hit home when co-host Ariane Aramburo interviewed CHKD Child Life Specialist, Bryan Sellitti. His patients range from 3 years old to mid-twenties, all of whom are battling cancer.

His job is not an easy one, but all it takes is a simple smile to see why it’s more than just a profession for him. His remarkable and inspiring story made him this week’s “I Am Hampton Roads.”

March is National Child Life Month. CHKD has child life specialists throughout the hospital, which is one of CHKD’s unique features. They help children cope with a hospital stay, be it a chronic illness or a broken bone. It doesn’t matter the case, they’re there to help the kids get through hard times.


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