Snow removal costs exceed VDOT’s budget

virginia department of transportation

VIRGINIA (WAVY) — The snow removal for multiple winter storms this season is breaking the bank in Virginia, but backup funds are available to keep necessary road maintenance on schedule.

The Virginia Department of Transportation announced Wednesday the state is likely to exceed its $157 million snow-removal budget by more than $100 million. In order to cover costs, VDOT will move around money in its overall maintenance budget.

In Hampton Roads, Marshall Herman with VDOT told estimated spending for the snow is $9 million, double the budget of $4.5 million. VDOT’s Tamara Rollison says projects such as paving and pothole repair are considered “mission critical” functions and therefore can not and will not be put aside or delayed.

Transportation Secretary Aubrey Layne says VDOT still has the resources to ensure the state’s highways are safe and well maintained.


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