Tunnel traffic numbers released after a month of tolls


PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Now that tolls have been in place for a full month at the Downtown and Midtown tunnels, Elizabeth River Tunnels has released a breakdown of traffic numbers.

In February, ERC says the average total number of vehicles using the tunnels is 23.7 percent lower than in February 2013 when there were no tolls. The breakdown: during the week, that’s 21.1 percent lower than last year, and over the weekends, it’s about 32.6 percent lower.

To get even more specific, here’s the comparison of the average number of vehicles using the tunnels:

  • Feb. 2013 weekdays — 135,101
  • Feb. 2014 weekdays — 106,550
  • Feb. 2013 weekends — 95,063
  • Feb. 2014 weekends — 64,062

ERC calls the reduction of traffic “diversion,” meaning drivers are choosing to drive on alternate paths to avoid using the tunnels. The organization said they expected this much diversion after the tolls began.

72 percent of weekday drivers and 61 percent of weekend drivers are using an E-ZPass at the tolls, ERC said.

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