Police search for elderly woman’s killer

AHOSKIE, N.C. (WAVY) — The search continues for the person who killed an elderly woman inside her home in Ahoskie.

“I can’t believe this happened … it was a shock to me,” said neighbor Liberache Harris.

It was a shock not only for a neighbor, but also for an entire community in a small North Carolina town.

“I never expected it here,” said neighbor Derrick Hunter. “Never expected it here … too close to home.”

Any neighbor on Parker Avenue in Ahoskie, N.C. can only say nice things about 85-year-old Ruby Baker. That makes what happened early Sunday morning inside her home all the more surprising. Police were called out after her alarm system went off.

“Apparently there was a break in,” Mr. Hunter said.

Neighbors believe Baker was shot during a burglary. And by the time officers got to the scene she had succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead.

“I can’t understand why somebody would go in there and harm her like that … I still don’t believe it, I can hardly believe it. It is like a nightmare,” Harris said.

Baker lived in the home by herself. Her husband passed away 7 years ago. Neighbor say she was the most caring person someone could meet.

“She was a sweet lady, she was like the mother, the neighborhood mother,” said neighbor Toni Hunter. “She never spoke bad on anyone I don’t care who she met, who she seen. I don’t care what went on, she never spoke bad on anyone.”

Ahoskie officers are getting help from the State Bureau of Investigation, but aren’t saying what was taken from the home.

“It is very fearful because you don’t know who did it or where they might be or anything,” Harris said. “You just hope and pray that it don’t happen to anybody else.”

Neighbors think whoever broke into the home knew Baker lived alone. What they can’t figure out is why somebody would take advantage of that.

“I’m praying that they get caught, that justice will be served,” Hunter said.

WAVY.com spoke with Baker’s family off-camera Tuesday night. They want to say thanks for all the community support and ask that if anyone knows anything about the crime to call Ahoskie Police at 252-332-5011.

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