Refreezing a big concern on the Peninsula

Photo by WAVY/Anne McNamara

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – Refreezing on Peninsula roads overnight is a big concern for Public Works crews. Rain, sleet and snow made for tricky travel Monday, and many residents stayed home from work and school.

“I enjoy the snow every now and again,” said Mike Bova, who works at the shipyard. “But, I prefer it on the weekend.”

Bova opted to take a liberal leave day after seeing sleet falling in Newport News. His wife, Lynn, also stayed home from her job at a school.

“This is our sixth day off, so we are hoping it doesn’t impact spring break!” said Lynn Bova.

Spring felt far away as the sleet fell on Jefferson Avenue. Public works crews did their best to keep the roads salted and sanded.

“I think the biggest concern we will have today is traffic,” said Kenny Holloway with Newport News Public Works. “Hopefully people see us and stay back and give us a chance to work. A lot of times trucks get tied up in traffic and can’t move fast enough.”

Public works divides the city into three regions — three spreaders are assigned to each one for a total of nine. Workers also mounted 15 snow plows just in case.

Newport News city offices closed at noon, so there was less traffic during the evening commute.

The Bovas told 10 On Your Side it’s smooth sailing out on the roads, until you hit the brakes.

“Stopping is the main thing you have to keep a safe distance between vehicles,” said Mike Bova. “That’s the main thing I noticed is sometimes you slide a little when you’re coming to a stop.”

 Tips for driving on icy roads also checked in with Hampton Public Works Monday. Hampton crews pre-treated the roads in the morning, and applied the sand salt mix throughout the day. Refreezing is also a big concern in that city overnight.

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