Icy roads cause hundreds of crashes

SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Road crews around Hampton Roads are busy treating snow and ice covered roads.  The conditions are making things dangerous for drivers.

“It was terrifying,” Tiyania Bynum said.

In the blink of an eye Bynum’s SUV went moving one way to facing the opposite direction.

“I just slid out of nowhere,” Bynum added.  “I think I was on black ice and the truck had went on top of the guardrail.”

Bynum was just one of hundreds of drivers who found the slick conditions just too hard to navigate.

“(I feel) very fortunate to still be standing,” Bynum said.  “I mean the ditch is right there.  It could have been worse than what it is.”

The interstates turned into graveyards for cars.  Tow trucks were busy helping get them home.

State Police say there were more than 1,100 crashes on the highways statewide.  300 of those happened here in Hampton Roads.

“It is certainly going to be a long night,” Chad Oxton with Suffolk Public Works said.

Roads crews will continue to use sand and salt to prevent the streets from turning to ice.  In Suffolk,  Public Works will have 19 trucks out all night long.

“For tonight, our obstacle is just the temperature,” Oxton added.  “We are hoping that it stays above 20 degrees over night.  That’s when salt does its best work.”

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