Internet rumor labels Oceanfront 9th most dangerous beach

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Is Virginia Beach one of the world’s most dangerous beaches? According to one European travel website, it’s at least in the top 10.

“I was shocked,” said Virginia Beach resident Tammy Carlson. “It’s been quite the conversation point among members of my family and at school.”

So what’s got people in Virginia Beach talking? A list on of the top 10 most dangerous beaches in the world ranks the Virginia Beach Oceanfront 9th. The website states the area is so dangerous because of wild fox attacks. Who knew? Even the experts are stumped.Virginia Beach Oceanfront

“It is beyond bizarre to me,” said Peter Acker, a Biologist with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. “I’ve never heard of an attack on the beach … I don’t see any basis for fear over foxes, of all things.”

“[The beach] being a dangerous part of Virginia Beach it was quite shocking to me,” added resident Clint Compton. “Kind of interesting … I have no idea where the facts came from.” couldn’t find any record of fox attacks on the beach, but we learned of one at a home near it. The attack happened in 2011 around 66th Street, and three people were injured.

animal control vb“When the first officer arrived, she actually had the fox attack her truck,” said Wayne Gilbert with Virginia Beach Animal Control. “It attacked the rear bumper of the animal control truck.”

And then there’s a sign 12 miles from the Oceanfront, along Ferrell Parkway: “Please don’t feed the foxes.”

But for resident Clay Phillips, that’s not enough to label the resort area a dangerous place on a global scale.

“It’s absurd,” Phillips said. “It really is.”

Even so, Virginia Beach and it’s foxes remain sandwiched between piranhas and crocodiles, on the same list with great whites and venomous jellyfish. You can check the list out for yourself by clicking here.

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