Officers save woman from burning home

Officer Quentin Livingston (left) and Sgt. Todd Lyons (right), photo courtesy Franklin Police.

FRANKLIN, Va. (WAVY) – Two Franklin officers rescued a woman from a burning home Wednesday afternoon.

Capt. T.W. Whitt with the Franklin Police Department said Officer Quentin Livingston and Sgt. Todd Lyons were on Bracey Street in reference to a domestic call when Livingston noticed smoke coming from a home in the 200 block of the street.

Photos: Woman saved from burning home

“One of the citizens said ‘hey Livingston, hey Livingston, the house is on fire, I think someone’s in there.’ I saw a black cloud of vertical smoke coming from the front door, and I immediately sprinted to the door,” Livingston said.

Without masks or any protective gear, both officers ran in the house and encountered thick smoke and flames, Whitt said.

“Once we made entry into the house, the flames were coming up into the kitchen and then over the top of the roof,” Lyons said. “The only thought process at that time was get Mrs. Jenkins out of that house.”

Visibility was very difficult inside the home, so they crawled along the floor, searching for the woman inside. They found her on the couch in the living room, but she was unconscious.


“I began to scan my hand over the couch. I noticed a pair of shoes, took my hand and drifted it to the right and I felt a person’s skin,” said Livingston. “I said, ‘Sgt. Lyons, I got her. I got her.’”

When the woman was pulled from the home, it was discovered she had no pulse and wasn’t breathing. Livingston then performed CPR and the woman regained consciousness within a few minutes.

“In your normal career or profession, people have hours to make decisions. We have seconds. Those decisions have to count,” Livingston said.

Whitt said Lyons knew of the home and thought a child might be inside, so he went back inside to look for the child. He couldn’t find one, and it was later learned the child had not yet been dropped off from school.

But Lyons realized there was still another person who needed help. A woman confined to a wheelchair was living in the duplex next door and the fire was getting larger.

“I heard the smoke alarm go off then started seeing the smoke past my door and said I better get my stuff and get out,” said Lurenda Boone. “I didn’t know what to do. I was so nervous and scared, but when I saw the officer around the back I was so happy to see him.”

The woman rescued from the burning home was transported to Sentara Memorial Hospital and later transferred to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital for treatment. Her condition is unknown at this time.

Sergeant Lyons and Officer Livingston have been a team for the better part of five years.

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